About Dr. Steven R. Silverman
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As an experienced Delray Beach Chiropractor, Dr. Silverman’s passion for physical medicine, health and wellness has provided comfort, reduced pain and inspired patients to enhance their overall well being.

Dr. Silverman graduated from Logan University with degrees in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic.

He is licensed in Florida, certified in Acupuncture and has practiced as a Chiropractic Physician for 20 years, as well as administrator of multi-specialty physical medicine and chiropractic care offices throughout Delray Beach and South Florida.

Dr. Steven R. Silverman Chiropractor in Delray Beach

Dr. Silverman’s chiropractic care practice at the Thermae Retreat of Delray Beach emphasizes a whole body approach to enhance overall vitality through chiropractic treatment that helps the body recover from pain and improve the quality of life for patients. He has applied his physical medicine skills as a chiropractor to helping patients find relief from musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain and tension. From arthritis and sciatica to back and shoulder pain, Dr. Silverman specializes in resolving painful indications through intuitive therapeutic chiropractic treatment plans.

His efforts to provide for those in need are expressed through his commitments to address and solve issues affecting the community in Delray Beach.

Dr. Silverman is committed to bringing chiropractic therapy to those who suffer from opioid addiction. He takes measures to offer physical medicine and pain relief as a healthier alternative to addictive opioids and assist patients who suffer from addiction to help them return to a drug-free lifestyle using chiropractic therapy. He is also dedicated to making his chiropractic care easier to access for those in the military. As a member of The Patriot Project, he is part of an initiative to provide Active Military, Military Families, Wounded Warriors & All Gold Star Dependents in Delray Beach with chiropractic care to improve pain management and encourage positive healing for those who serve our country.

What Our Patients Say

I had sciatica so bad that I couldn’t walk.  After two visits with Dr. Silverman, I felt like a new person.  Thank you!

L.V., Patient

I had no idea that I could get better without surgery.  Thank goodness for Dr. Silverman and his miracle work!

S.R., Patient

Whatever negative things people say about chiropractors, totally wrong!  I feel so lucky to be pain free.

R.R., Patient

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