The Patriot Project:
Military Chiropractic Care

Dr. Steven R. Silverman is proud to be a part of The Patriot Project, a grassroots volunteer effort to improve veteran’s healthcare by providing chiropractic care to all Active Military, their Families, Wounded Warriors & All Gold Star Dependents at our Delray Beach clinic. With soldiers having to carry 80-lb to 120-lb packs in heavy body armor, musculoskeletal issues can impact their movements on duty and continue to follow their daily lives once they head back home. To make matters worse, pain medication has contributed to one-third of the suicide rate among veterans. While chiropractic care is included in veteran’s healthcare benefits, it is an underutilized option that many veterans are unaware of. This is why Dr. Silverman is among the over 700 doctors and counting who volunteer for the Patriot Project and are dedicated to making chiropractic care readily available to those who have served and continue to serve our country.

Dr. Silverman volunteers at least once each week at our Delray Beach clinic to treat at least one Active Duty Service member, their family, Wounded Warrior, or Gold Star Dependent at no charge. When caring for Active Duty Military and their families, his practice would need a copy of their DD214 or their TRICARE Card. For veterans with service-related injuries, he will need a copy of their service connection papers issued by the Veterans Administration. This includes documenting each case with situations and testimonials. As a part of The Patriot Project, he will help to collect patient testimonials to assist the organization in advocating for veteran’s rights and benefits.

Patriot Project

Dr. Silverman’s services at Thermae Retreat of Delray can offer much needed relief and comfort for veterans, soldiers and military families as a participating doctor of The Patriot Project to help save lives, families and communities.

Dr. Silverman of Delray is a chiropractor dedicated to maximize performance, recovery, repair and rejuvenation through high-tech modalities for the body and mind along with Dr. Silverman’s expertise in musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Silverman can diagnose underlying issues with chiropractic and physical therapy, calm the body and mind through neurological meditation techniques, nourish the body through IV nutrition therapy, provide proactive and preventative self-care for men and women, and many more specialties.

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