What is a migraine?

As an experienced chiropractic physician in Delray Beach, Dr. Steven Silverman is skilled in migraine treatment and headache relief. Headaches can complicate how we go about our daily routine, but migraines can make matters far worse. They often center around one side of the head and cause a severe throbbing pain or pulsing sensation that can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. The heightened pain and sensitivity can be disabling, especially for attacks that are for a prolonged period that can interfere with daily activities.

Though the causes of a migraine aren’t understood to its fullest, genetics and environmental factors can play a role. They may be caused by changes in the brainstem and its interactions with the trigeminal nerve or imbalances in brain chemicals that help regulate pain in the nervous system. They can be triggered by hormonal changes in women, certain foods and drinks, stress, changes in sleep cycle or environment, physical exertion, strong sensory stimuli or medications.

How can I get migraine relief?

Although numerous solutions for migraine treatment and headache relief have emerged to alleviate these symptoms, many instances are brought out through structural issues. Because most headaches have a spinal, muscular, or habitual component, there are migraine treatment and headache relief methods outside of medication that can help people resolve their pain. Chiropractic therapy is shown to be an effective migraine treatment method in tackling the condition from its root when it comes to cases relating to spinal, neck, and shoulder tension.

Dr. Silverman of Delray Beach conducts migraine treatment and headache relief by evaluating the source of the migraine and releasing tension in the neck and shoulders as well as address any misalignments in the vertebrae, providing lasting relief and restoring long-term health.

Migraine Treatment in Delray Beach

The symptoms from a migraine depend on which stage the migraine is in:

Prodrome Stage

(One or two days before):

Constipation, mood changes, neck stiffness, fatigue and increased thirst and urination.


(Before or during)

Sensory disturbances such as vision lost, visual phenomena, weakness and numbness in face or extremities, difficulty speaking, jerky movements and hearing noises or music.

Attack Period

(Lasts from 4 to 72 hours)

Throbbing headaches, light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision and lightheadedness.

Post-drome Stage

(24 hours after migraine subsides)

Confusion, moodiness, dizziness, weakness and sensitivity to light and sound.

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What Our Patients Say

I struggled with monthly migraines for 10 years.  After seeing Dr. Silverman, I haven’t had one for 17 months.  Pretty impressive.

Nick M., Patient

My migraines have reduced to only twice year.  Thank you for your incredible help.

Chloe A., Patient

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