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Dr. Steven Silverman is dedicated to helping patients with opioid recovery in Delray Beach. His passion for chiropractic therapy comes from the dedication he has to make sure that his patients can avoid the dangers of prescription pain medication. The rates of opioid abuse and addiction related to chronic pain management in Delray Beach and the United States have skyrocketed within the past decade to the level of becoming a public health crisis. Although heroin is outlawed, the epidemic of opiates became wide-spread due to the increased presence of prescription medication with oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, fentanyl and others. Prescription opioids are highly addictive, can create a dependency that goes beyond the need to reduce physical aching and the risks that come with them such as misuse, addiction and overdose outweigh the benefits by a wide margin.

The popularity of opioid treatment has only made it easier to access, further exasperating the issue by making it readily accessible through doctors who can over-prescribe drugs or through black market vendors where they are sold unprescribed. In addition, rehabilitation from addiction can be challenging as efforts to adequately tackle the on-going epidemic are still in the beginning stages. Labeled as the recovery capital of the nation, Delray Beach is in the process of undergoing efforts to reverse the damage done from addiction. Although measures have been taken to decrease drug use rates in the city, guiding people away from relying on opioid treatment for chronic pain management is a step that can be hard to tackle due to the influence that pharmaceuticals have as a go-to method for alleviating discomfort.

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While chronic pain affects over 100 million Americans, there are effective methods of chronic pain management that carry more benefits and less risks than prescription drugs. Some may seek out over-the-counter solutions, but natural, holistic methods of treatment are found to have a significantly positive effect on opioid recovery for our Delray Beach patients. Because a number of conditions tied to back, neck, and spinal injuries, chiropractic care can remedy these conditions in a hands-on, non-surgical, and drug-free way. Dr. Silverman of Delray Beach seeks to redefine the culture around chronic pain management by placing chiropractic treatment at the forefront of relieving discomfort as the first line of defense over prescription opioids. With therapy for sciatica, lower back and shoulder pain, arthritis, migraines, and whiplash, Dr. Silverman can neutralize irritation from the root and utilize chiropractic care as a safe, productive and efficient method of chronic pain management and opioid recovery for Delray Beach patients.

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